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Slim Refillable Wipes Dispenser Case :: Zippered Travel Wetwipes Holder :: 2-pack, translucent


Brand Buti-Bag

Buti-Pods Zip Wipes Cases | 2-pack

  • KEEP YOUR WIPES WET: Tired of dried-out baby wipes? Try our Buti-Pod wipes cases. They're securely zippered to minimize air circulation, so your wipes will stay moist for weeks. (Wipes not included.)
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: These super-slim pouches measure just 5" x 8" x 0.5", so they'll easily fit in your purse or diaper bag. Stash 12-15 wipes into each pouch for easy dispensing on the go.    
  • DURABLE & NON-TOXIC: No worries. Your reusable Buti-Pod wipes holders come in premium PVC – soft & flexible yet thick & sturdy. Totally safe for your family... no BPA, lead, or phthalates.
  • COUNTLESS OTHER USES: Use these portable pouches for baby wipes, but don't stop there. They'll also hold "grownup wipes" – for removing makeup, sanitizing surfaces, cleaning up messes & more.OUR HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: We want you to be totally happy with your Buti-Pod wipes dispensers. So, if you spot any defects within the first 90 days, return your 2-pack for a full refund or replacement.
Dimensions/weight of each buti-pod bag: 8.5 x 5 inches / 1.5 oz. (3 oz total for 2-pack)

Please Note: We suggest no more than 12-15 wipes at one time to keep your zippered closure working easily and properly, as well as to swap out any unused wipes after 30 days to keep them fresh.

Designed by a busy mom, our Buti-pod wipes cases keep your wipes handy (and moist). Slim, light & flexible, they fit in a purse or pocket for easy dispensing on the go. 2-pack. (Wipes not included.)

You buy wet wipes in bulk to save money. But so often they dry out before you can even use them. Solution? Buti-pod wipes holders. These compact, portable pouches hold 12-15 wipes each. Unlike bigger containers (with breakable lids), they're easy to carry anywhere. Best of all, they keep your wipes moist for weeks... not just days, like other dispensers.

Your Convenient Wipes Cases Feature:

  • Premium, nontoxic PVC plastic... totally free of BPA, lead & phthalates
  • Convenient center opening for quick, easy access to wipes
  • Sturdy zipper that seals out excess air, so wipes stay wet to the last one!
  • Perfect travel size – super-slim & feather-light; only 5" x 8" x 0.5"
  • Clear, transparent surface that lets you see when you're running out of wipes

Perfect for Storing Your Bulk Wipes

Simply split your bulk supply of wet wipes into smaller "batches"... then stash in your Buti-pod bags. That way, you won't have to lug around a big, clumsy bulk container. (Nor will you have to overpay for those pricey travel-size wipes packs.)

Use These Versatile Dispensers to Hold:

  • Baby wipes (including the cloth kind)
  • Flushable wipes for potty training
  • Makeup-remover wipes
  • Sanitizing & disinfecting wipes
  • Emergency cleanup wipes for your kitchen, car, etc.

 Backed by Our 90-Day Warranty So Order Your 2-Pack Now