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Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad

If you ever travel for work or pleasure, chances are you bring your laptop along with you. And that means bringing along your charger, batteries, USB drive, and yes, your mouse. But with all this mobile technology how do we keep our laptop bag, purse, briefcase or backpack clutter free and organized?

We've come a long way from the first computer mouse introduced in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart pictured here:


Today, we use our desktop and laptop mouse as an extension of our hand to guide our cursors and click on and off pages at a speedy rate. 

Without your mouse and a nice pad to use it over, your laptop becomes very hard to maneuver and will just make your work more frustrating than needed. 

So here at Butibag, we said no more missing mouse or mouse pad! No more clutter in the bag. No more damaged computer accessories or drained batteries!

Introducing the Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad

The Buti Travel Mouse Pouch is the perfect accessory to keep your laptop mouse safe, charged, and in the same place where you left it last. The pouch doubles as a mouse pad so all of your computing needs are ready and waiting when you get to your destination. 

Our non-slip mouse pad also protects the eye of your mouse from dust, debris, and damage to ensure you keep your mouse running smoothly. Our travel pouch is made from high-quality materials and has a zipper to enclose the entire pouch for storing your mouse, cords, batteries, and other accessories safe and sound. 

Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad make perfect gifts for travels, college students, your boss, and anyone who loves to keep their technology organized and protected. 

Advantages to having a Buti Travel Mouse Pouch:

  • Added protection and battery retention 
  • Keeps items organized and in one place
  • Always have a work surface for your mouse
  • Looks great!

Our Buti Travel Mouse Pouches come in 4 beautiful and sleek styles: Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Tile Grey, Moroccan Tile Black Lace, and Navy Stripe. Shop our entire collection today! 



April 10, 2019 — Nicole Williams

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