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Bossy Plus Size Yoga Pants

Bossy Plus Size Yoga Pants

The yoga pant. Once reserved for quiet, incense-laden, dimly lit yoga studios, has now become one of the most popular fashion pieces in any woman's ensemble. Yoga pants are now worn as a comfortable and convenient everyday pant to take trips to the mall, the nail salon, the grocery store, and so much more. 

But yoga pants were actually never designed with these tasks in mind thus making it hard to run errands and feel comfortable and confident out in public while wearing your favorite yoga pants. 

At Buti Bag, we heard your cries and created the Bossy Pant. A yoga pant with pockets and plus-size cuts to fit plus-sized women and allows utility to conform with comfort. 

The Bossy Pant makes dressing down seem finally doable. Adding a wider cut and flat front pockets make errands, motherhood, and daily adventures so much easier. All this and you can still end up at your yoga studio session without having to change in and out of outfits. 

Key Features to the Buti Bag Bossy Pant:

  • REAL FRONT FLAT POCKETS! Finally secure pockets right where you want them to hold your phone, keys, ID!
  • HIGH QUALITY SOFT STRETCHY COTTON JERSEY WITH A TOUCH OF SPANDEX for the right amount of stretch and comfort while still looking fantastic. No fading or pilling!
  • FLATLOCK SEAMS! No raised seams to leave imprints or create friction.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED WITH WIDE LAY-FLAT STRETCHY WAISTBAND without an annoying drawstring. No elastic to bind.
  • (PLEASE NOTE: RUN LARGE, PLEASE ORDER ONE SIZE DOWN IF BETWEEN SIZES. AVAILABLE IN 1X, 2X, 3X sizing. See size chart in product photos for measurements. Inseam varies per size.)

Whether you need some new lounge pants, knock-around pants, or an all in one versatile everyday yoga pant, the Bossy Pant meets all your needs. Shop now and get into your new favorite yoga pant today!


May 01, 2019 — Nicole Williams
Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad

Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad

If you ever travel for work or pleasure, chances are you bring your laptop along with you. And that means bringing along your charger, batteries, USB drive, and yes, your mouse. But with all this mobile technology how do we keep our laptop bag, purse, briefcase or backpack clutter free and organized?

We've come a long way from the first computer mouse introduced in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart pictured here:


Today, we use our desktop and laptop mouse as an extension of our hand to guide our cursors and click on and off pages at a speedy rate. 

Without your mouse and a nice pad to use it over, your laptop becomes very hard to maneuver and will just make your work more frustrating than needed. 

So here at Butibag, we said no more missing mouse or mouse pad! No more clutter in the bag. No more damaged computer accessories or drained batteries!

Introducing the Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad

The Buti Travel Mouse Pouch is the perfect accessory to keep your laptop mouse safe, charged, and in the same place where you left it last. The pouch doubles as a mouse pad so all of your computing needs are ready and waiting when you get to your destination. 

Our non-slip mouse pad also protects the eye of your mouse from dust, debris, and damage to ensure you keep your mouse running smoothly. Our travel pouch is made from high-quality materials and has a zipper to enclose the entire pouch for storing your mouse, cords, batteries, and other accessories safe and sound. 

Buti Travel Mouse Pouch & Pad make perfect gifts for travels, college students, your boss, and anyone who loves to keep their technology organized and protected. 

Advantages to having a Buti Travel Mouse Pouch:

  • Added protection and battery retention 
  • Keeps items organized and in one place
  • Always have a work surface for your mouse
  • Looks great!

Our Buti Travel Mouse Pouches come in 4 beautiful and sleek styles: Charcoal Grey, Moroccan Tile Grey, Moroccan Tile Black Lace, and Navy Stripe. Shop our entire collection today! 



April 10, 2019 — Nicole Williams
Buti-Pod Flip Baby Wipes Cases

Buti-Pod Flip Baby Wipes Cases

Let's face it, if you have a child you cherish your always-present baby wipes. They are the life-line for all situations. Baby wipes (wet wipes, sanitizer wipes, makeup removal wipes) play a major part of any parent's everyday life. We use them for cleanups. killing germs, spills, messes, face clothes and just about everything in between.

Wipes have even infiltrated the cosmetic market as an easy, convenient, and quick way to remove makeup at home or on the go.

But today's modern parent wants to look their best with all of the gear needed to conquer the day-to-day baby journey and at Buti Bag, we have the solution for you. 

Buti-Pod baby wipes cases are sleek, fresh, custom-designed cases that keep your wipes moist and contained while still helping you look your very best. Buti-Pod Flip cases come is a variety of styles and sizes and are a must for any busy parent who wants to keep their baby gear organized and good looking at the same time. 

Advantages of the Buti-Pod Flip Wipes Case:

  • Keep away those germs when out in public
  • Wipe up spills and messes in a flash
  • Clean hands = healthy hands
  • Wipes can clean pacifiers and toys
  • Removes makeup on the fly 
  • Looks great!

Are you tired of that unattractive baby wipes package that lives by your side at all times? You need Buti-Pod Flip baby wipes cases. Shop our entire collection now!


April 01, 2019 — Nicole Williams
Buti-Pod Zippered Wipes Cases | Buti Bag

Buti-Pod Zippered Wipes Cases

Baby wipes are one of the most incredible inventions of the 21st century. Started in the 1950's for travelers on the go, portable napkins were infused with a body lotion for easy clean up and wiping after eating. These "wet-wipes" were not geared towards infants. They were simply a sanitary product for general use.

It wasn't until the 1990's that Procter & Gamble started targeting moms and dads with "baby-wipes". Now over 125 billion wipes are produced a year and virtually every grocery store in the country has an aisle dedicated to baby wipes and other baby products.

Today busy parents have a pack of baby wipes on them at all times, and at Buti-Bag, we have made that extra accessory a lot easier to manage with our Buit-Pod Zippered Wipes Cases. 

 Buti-Pod zippered wipes cases were designed by a mom as a slim-case solution for an affordable way to carry bulk wipes! The Buti-Pod design keeps air circulation to a minimum, which allows baby wipes to stay moist and protected. Our super-thin, soft, feather-lite design make it easy to carry in any diaper bag, purse, or pocket. Buti-Pod zippered wipes are perfect pouches for holding and storing your favorite baby wipes, and makeup remover wipes anywhere throughout the house, as well as flushable wipes during potty-training. 

Buti-Pod Zippered Wipes are perfect for:

  • The bathroom or travel bag for your makeup remover wipes
  • Your handbag or diaper bag for baby/antibacterial/saline nose wipes
  • The car for your emergency "clean-up" stash
  • Grandma's house
  • Preschool/school or in book-bags for easy & quick cleanups. 

Shop our entire line of Buti-Pod Zippered Wipes Cases today! 

Please Note: We suggest no more than 12-15 wipes at one time to keep your zippered closure working easily and properly, as well as to swap out any unused wipes after 30 days to keep them fresh. They are NOT completely air-tight should not be used for dripping wet wipes.


March 01, 2019 — Nicole Williams
Buti Earth Reusable Shopping bags

Buti Earth Reusable Shopping bags

Did you know it can take from 15 to 1000 years for a plastic bag to breakdown? That is a staggering amount of time.  With the overwhelming high amount of mega-markets in the US alone, we use over 100 billion plastic bags per year, with the average person using between 350 and 500

At Buti Bag, we don't just try to simplify your life, we want to make it eco-friendly as well. Our Buti Earth Reusable Shopping Bags are not only the most sturdy and attractive reusable grocery and shopping bags, but they are environmentally conscious as well. 

Buti Earth Bags are stylish and come in a variety of patterns and colors. 

Made from strong laminated polypropylene fabric, Buti Earth Reusable Shopping Bags are built to handle the heavy loads. From short trips to the grocery store to a long beach trip, Buti Earth bags can handle it all. They are easy to clean and quickly fold away for simple and compact storage. 

Using reusable shopping bags over one's lifetime will eliminate over 22,000 plastic bags from the environment and you just cannot argue with that incredible carbon footprint reduction. 

Shop all of our Buti Earth Reusable Shopping bags here:

February 14, 2019 — Nicole Williams
Binkmeister Pacifier Clip | Buti Bag

The Binkmeister Pacifier Clip

The binky. The bah-bah. The beebee. The paci. Whatever your little one's name for it, we all know how elusive our children's pacifiers can be. One second they are there, the next they're gone. Vanished into thin air, with no record or explanation, never to be found again. 

If you’re a mom (or dad!) and you’re not utilizing pacifier clips for your baby, now’s the time! Seriously. Say goodbye to the days of the lost pacifier, and make your #MomLife easier thanks to the little Binkmeister, the ultimate pacifier clip for babies. No more bending down to pick up your baby’s pacifier every minute.. Or 5 seconds.

At ButiBag we wanted to put an end to the great pacifier vanishing so we created the best pacifier clip, Binkmeister. A pacifier clip that is as stylish as it is functional and safe.

New to Parenthood? What is a Pacifier Clip, Anyways?

How many times have you bent down to grab your baby's pacifier from the floor, only to have to clean it again and again? Binkmesiter pacifier clips for babies were designed to safely keep pacifiers and teethers within your baby's reach, as well as keeping cleanliness at the top of mom's list. With a pacifier clip, you don't have to bend down to constantly retrieve your baby's pacifier, and it always stays clean.

How Do You Use a Pacifier Clip?

It's simple. To use a pacifier clip, simply pick out any piece of baby's clothing (any fabric or material works), locate the clip, and attach the clip to your baby's shirt.

The Binkmeister Pacifier Clip from Buti Bag is a stylized fabric band with a metal clip that attaches to your baby's clothes. The other end of the band connects to your child's pacifier. Whenever your child drops their pacifier from their mouth, the Binkmeister is there to keep it hooked to them and away from the floor. Regaining the pacifier is simply and easy for your baby to do and you will not have to worry about losing countless pacifiers all day long. 

Here are the key benefits of using a Binkmeister Pacifier Clip:

1- Keep your baby's pacifiers clean and germ free

2- No more blindly searching for lost or misplaced pacifier clips or bending down to retrieve pacifiers

3- Babies learn how to grab their pacifier themselves when in need

At Buti Bag, we have created a large variety of pacifier clips styles to choose from for your baby boy or baby girl!

Here are 3 of our top selling Binkmeister Pacifier Clips For Babies:

1. The Navy Binkmeister Clip 

Bold navy blue ribbon Binkmeister pacifier clip for babies with accents of understated white stripes, provide a classic style for everyday use. Try coordinating with tan or red to create either a nautical or patriotic look.

2. Light Mini Pink Dot Binkmeister 

The sweet gentle pink of our light pink mini dot Binkmeister pacifier clip, makes babies happy while you keep your sanity. There's no need to worry about dirty binkies with this essential baby accessory.

3. Chocolate Tan Zebra Binkmeister

In rich shades of tan and yummy chocolate brown, this Binkmeister pacifier clip features a playful zebra printed ribbon. Nothing says hip-baby like animal print pacifier clips!

Shop All Pacifier Clips for Babies here:

At ButiBag, we offer a wide variety of pacifier clips for baby boys and baby girls that are completely safe and make parents’ lives much easier.

How have pacifier clips helped you and your baby? Leave a comment below and share your story!

February 01, 2019 — Nicole Williams