Our Story

The Buti-Bag company was founded by the mother of two very feisty boys.

Nicole Williams has a demanding life as an on-the-go mom which calls for an equally versatile bag for the job. She wanted a stylish toiletry bag that could not only handle her diapering essentials, but continue to be useful past toddler-hood. Unable to find the perfect bag, Nicole took matters into her own hands.

Inspired to fill this gap in the market, Nicole brought her design for a more practical bag to her talented step-mom. Susan, who can literally sew anything, worked with Nicole's innovative design to create the first buti-bag product, 'the bundle'. With the continual support and inspiration from her boys and family, Nicole launched the buti-bag company and became an official mompreneur!

Buti-bag aims to fulfill the need of moms everywhere seeking a bag that is not only smart and versatile, but stylish as well. We are always imagining new useful and sophisticated products to add to our line-up, so please keep checking back to see what our latest creation is!


We love hearing your comments!

If you have purchased a buti-bag company product and have suggestions on how to improve upon the design or have other ideas you'd like to see as a product, we would love to hear from you. Happy Shopping!

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