buti-pod {bitty and original wipes case combo | 2-pack}


Brand Buti-Bag

buti-pods zippered wipes cases combo pack

{one original size, one bitty size in one pack!}

• designed by a mom to be super-thin, soft, lightweight and easy to carry in any bag or pocket!
• the affordable way to buy wipes in bulk instead of repeatedly buying expensive disposable travel packs.
• the slim zippered design keeps air circulation to a minimum, thus allowing your wipes to stay moist for when you need them most (they are NOT air-tight and not for dripping wet wipes, but they still work great)!

• original size for regular wipes, bitty for smaller sizes!

Dimensions/weight : original 8.5 x 5 inches | bitty 6 x 4.5 inches | 3 oz total for 2-pack

 Please Note: We suggest no more than 12-15 wipes at one time to keep your zippered closure working easily and properly, as well as to swap out any unused wipes after 30 days to keep them fresh.