buti-pod zip v5.0 | blue ellies and ogee | 2-pack


Brand Buti Bag

designed by a mom as a slim case solution

 • the affordable way to buy baby wipes in bulk

 • the zippered design keeps air circulation to a minimum keeping wipes to stay moist

 • smaller size is super-thin, soft, feather-light and easy to carry in any bag or pocket


 Perfect container for holding and storing your favorite wipes anywhere!

• in the bathroom or travel bag for your make-up wipes.
• in your handbag or diaper bag for baby/antibacterial/saline nose wipes.
• in the car for your emergency "clean-up" stash.

 • throughout the house for flushable wipes during potty-training
• at grandma's house.
• at preschool / school or in book bags for easy, quick cleanups.
• wherever else you want wipes but need them to stay MOIST!


Please Note: We suggest no more than 12-15 wipes at one time to keep your zippered closure working easily and properly, as well as to swap out any unused wipes after 30 days to keep them fresh.